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I Miss My Dead Friends lyrics

  • Artist: $uicideboy$

I Miss My Dead Friends

Got a bunch of baggage
Got a bunch of bags up in the attic hidin' all my bad habits
$lick? He got some bad habits, plus he's asthmatic
All the smoke that I be dragging, bitch
I need some casket for my fucking lungs, they fucking damaged
Like the Black Flag, classic Sabbath? Never heard of that shit
Bitch, I work, it ain't for assets
Roll a solo blunt, no matching
It's because of all the gadgets why I keep a social status
Fucking phones and tablets...
Bitch, I do this shit just for Jefe
Yeah, he told me make it happen
Then he died in that tragic car crash
And every time I think of that I'm flickin' ashes
Yeah, it sucks when you realize life is fast
And I'm a fucking cashless organism tryna thrive inside a habitat that's plastic
It's that motherfucker that ya momma said don't hang with
Meet me in the gallows, bitch, I promise that it's painless
Stupid motherfuckers thinking that we on the same shit
Cock it back, and then I yell, "Okay, here comes the pain, bitch!"
Up in gangster's paradise, could give a fuck about your life
Every time I roll the dice, sixes popping up twice
Bitches tryna sacrifice their pussy, but I am not enticed
Good try, hoe
I do this shit for Dirt, so I ain't got the time, hoe
Don't like nobody, and I think that's all you need to know
Walkin' on water while I'm surrounded by some crows
And when I hit the other side, I'm blowing on some dope, hoe
Submitted by GracunarGracunar on 2022-08-16


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