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Resistance Is Useless lyrics

  • Artist: $uicideboy$
  • Album: Sing Me a Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation

Resistance Is Useless

On them meds like Darko, riding, scheming on a mission, uh
Anna for the static in my hood, I bring the friction (What)
Chucky with the blade, fuck a movie this ain't fiction
I stay stacking up addictions, million dollar drug dependance, yuh
Pimping like I'm skinny when I'm riding through the city (Ah)
Fuck them undercovers, all them feds got is a theory (Ah)
9th Ward to Gentilly, I'm the junkie of the century (North)
Chain wet like Lake Eerie, $licky the Scarecrow that they fearing on that Northside
Gang tied with the *59 (Grey!)
Fuck it, just kill em' all, they gonna blame Sam Hyde
Always taper on, what the fuck is taper off?
You see this tattoo on my head? The fuck you resuscitate me for?
Scoping out with that beam, touch your head like I'm a prophet
Slightly nodding off that fent, but rub me wrong, I get it poppin' (What)
Attacking the hood like Benghazi (Yeah)
Better fear Grey like a Stasi (Yeah)
Hoes they love Young Wetto, screaming "Fóllame culo, papi"
Let me tone it down before the ice caps melt
Grab the devil by the horns, for that I might catch Hell
White velvet on my bitch look like Marie Antoinette
Every time she give me head, it's like my dick was a threat (Ch-ch)
Cheney with the shotgun, I ain't aim at shit
Fuck your Spotify playlists, TikTok trends, y'all lame as shit
You gon' catch these fucking hands like a baseball mitt
You got any last words? I bet they taste like clit
Captain of the grey, I'm going down with the ship
Down with the shit, I split just about everything with $lick
Still in that 7th, ain't nothing has changed
Still wearing FTP fits to the grave (Yeah)
Still fuck the fame, fuck the pressure and pain
Only thing changed is I cut off my mane
Submitted by GracunarGracunar on 2022-08-16


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