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Last Romance

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I found her when I didn't want to
Search for my love anymore,
And the long it took was for me to deserve it
About a month and I don't even know
And even those who see me reading the news
In a bakery's line know that I've found you
And nobody will say
That it's too late,
That it's so different
About our love
We're the ones to know, little one
Oh, tell me what is suffering that I show you
Someone to follow you
And if it's about going to the beach
I'll take this whole house in a bag...
I found her and tried to doubt it,
So many cliches
It can't be.
You told me
Not to worry
Have faith and see courage in love
And only for seeing you
I feel like trading
My TV for a way
to take you anywhere
you feel like going,
and where the wind goes,
'cause for the two of us
to leave home is
already adventurous
Oh, tell me what is peace that I show you
Someone to follow you
And if time takes you away, I'll catch you shortly
I'll get a ride
To be your company
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Ultimo Romance

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