Gal Costa - Um dia de domingo (English translation)

English translation

Day of Sunday

I need to talk to you
I need desperately to see you
To sit and talk
And later to walk together
to the wind
I need to breathe
the same air that surrounds you
And I want to have burning on my skin
the same sun that tans you
I need to touch you
And see you smiling again
And then, to dive in a beautiful dream
I can no longer live
a meaningless sentiment
I need to find out again
the thrill of being with you
I need to see the sun dawning
and the life going by
as if it was a day of Sunday
Pretend that it's still early to get up
Everything will happen
by the will of the emotion
Pretend it is still early
And let
the voice of the heart flow
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Um dia de domingo

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