Un chimico (English translation)

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A chemist

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Only death brought me to the hill
a body among many to give phosphorus to the air
to bivouac fires that are called fatuous*
that leave no ash, that melt no hoarfrost.
Only death brought me into the hill.
One day as a chemist I had the power
to marry the elements and make them react,
but men I could never understand
why would they combine themselves through love,
entrusting to a game the joy and pain.
Look at the smile, look at the color
how they play on the face of those who seek love:
but the same smile, the same color
where are they on the face of those who had love?
Where are they on the face of those who had love.
It's strange to leave without suffering,
without a woman's face to remember.
But is it so different your dying,
you that expose yourselves to love, that surrender to the April?
What's different in your dying?
Spring does not knock, it enters confidently
as the smoke penetrates into every crevice,
has the lips of pulp, the hair of wheat
what a fear, what a desire that it takes you by the hand.
What a fear, what a desire that it takes you away.
But look at the hydrogen, quiet in the sea
Look at the oxygen sleeping by its side:
only one law that I can understand
has been able to marry them without letting them burst.
Only the law that I can understand.
I was chemist and, no, I didn't want to marry.
I didn't know with whom and who I would have generated:
I died in a wrong experiment
just like the idiots who die of love.
And someone will say that there is a better way.
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Author's comments:

* in italian will-o'-the-wisps are called “fuochi fatui”, which means fatuous fires


Un chimico

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