Un giudice (English translation)

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A Judge

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What does it mean to have
five feet in stature,
I'll proving to the eyes
and the lines of people,
or the curiosity
of an irreverent girl
that only brings you closer
for her impertinent question:
she wants to know if it is true
what they say around the dwarves,
which are best provided
of the virtue, the less apparent,
among all the virtues
the most indecent.
The years go by, the months,
and if you count the minutes too,
it is sad to be adults
without being grownup;
backbiting insists,
the tongue beats on the drum
far as to say that a dwarf
is a bitch for sure
because his heart is too
too close to the asshole.
It was in the sleepless nights
vigilant to the lumen of resentment
that I prepared for exams.
I became Attorney
to take the road
that from the benches of a cathedral
brings to the sacristy
then to the chair of a court
Judge finally,
arbitrator on the ground of good and evil.
And then my height
did not dispens any more humor
to those standing at the bar
they said to me, "Your Honor,"
and to entrust them to the Executioner
it was a pleasure of my own,
before genuflecting myself
at the hour of farewell
not knowing at all
the stature of God.
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Un giudice