Un giudice (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: Un giudice 13 translations
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A Judge

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What it means to be
one and a half meter in height,
you get to know through the eyes
and the jeers of people,
or the curiosity of a mouthy girl
who approaches you only
because of a cheeky doubt of hers:
she wants to find out if it’s true
what they say about dwarfs:
that they are the most provided
with the least apparent of virtues,
the most indecent among all virtues.1
The years, the months pass,
and, if you count them, the minutes do too;
it’s sad to find yourself an adult
without having grown up.
The malicious gossip insists,
it beats its tongue on the drum,
[it goes] as far as saying that a dwarf
is surely a vermin
because his heart is way,
way too close to his ass hole.
It was during the sleepless nights
– when I stayed awake in the light of resentment –
that I prepared for my exams:
I became a prosecutor,
to take the road
that, from the pews of a cathedral,
leads to the sacristy,
then to the desk of a courtroom;
[I became] a judge, finally,
an arbiter on earth about good and evil.
And then my stature
no longer dealt out good cheer
to those who – standing before the bar –
addressed me as “Your Honor”;
and entrusting them to the executioner
was a pleasure all of my own,
before genuflecting
in the time of my farewell,
since I didn’t know at all
what was the stature of God.
  • 1. They say that the dwarfs’ “little buddy” is not as short as they are.
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Author's comments:

Non al denaro non all’amore né al cielo {Neither to money, nor to love, nor to heaven} is a concept album that was inspired by Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology.
The man from the song is mocked because he is short. He grows more and more resentful until he becomes a judge and can be even harsher towards those people, taking his revenge by sentencing them.
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Un giudice