William Sheller - Un Homme Heureux (English translation)

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A Happy Man

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Why people are people in love
Always a bit the same?
They have when they pass by
The same look of having one desire for two.
They are happy people.
Why people are people in love
Always a bit the same?
When they have their problems
Well, there is nothing you can say, nothing you can do for them.
They are people in love.
And me, I hardly know you
But it would be a a stroke of luck
If we were to go a bit like them
We could make, without upsetting anyone
Some space for the both of us
But if it's not worth
My raising this again
Tell me straight (lit: looking me eye to eye).
Whatever time this might take
However high the stakes
I want to be a happy man.
Why are people in love
Always a bit rebellious?
They have their own world,
Which nothing can force to look like those
That people give us as models (to copy/live by)
Why are people in love
Always a little cruel?
When they speak about themselves
There is something that keeps you out.
These are human things.
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Author's comments:

A hard one to translate properly, because on the surface it looks simple, but the language is so compressed and pared down it is hard to give the right flavour.


Un Homme Heureux

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