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Un lieu de rencontre (English translation)

  • Artist: Marilou
  • Song: Un lieu de rencontre
    3 translations
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  • Translations: English, Japanese #1, #2
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A Place to meet

Since the first day when I have had a crush on you,
I'm always hid inside a closet,
this narrow space,
In the blink of an eye, I'm flying into the blue sky
To run off with a few pieces of blue sugar
I give you a kiss on the long eyelashes
I hum a song from night till morning
There is nothing untouchable
In the middle of the night, I lock up myself in a little closet
The sparkling space, the strange world, I hold them in my arms
We're searching for the way at the end of the night
Dancing in rhythm, touching the invisible things
I give you a kiss on the long eyelashes
I hum a song from morning to night
There is nothing...
All alone in a closet
There is no one to bother me
My arms are trembling like a chorus
It's the only thing that I'm certain of
The light illuminated in a night
The black shadow stirs my heart
Your silhouette melts in the sky
I have beautiful dreams, we depart on a trip
Curtain of night, silhouette of stars are trembling above my small cheeks,
above my small cheeks,
above my small cheeks, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah,
above my small cheeks
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Un lieu de rencontre

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