Un malato di cuore (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
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A heart patient

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"I began to dream with them
then the soul suddenly flew away."
As a boy spying the kids playing
at the foolish rhythm of your sick heart
and you feel the urge to go out and try
what you miss to run on the lawn,
and you keep your urge for you, and linger thinking
how the hell do they regain their breath.
As a man feeling the wasted time
spent letting your eyes narrating the life to you,
and never being able to drink from the cup in one gulp
but in small intermittent sips,
and never being able to drink from the cup in one gulp
but in small intermittent sips.
Yet I have donated a smile
and it still returns in every summer of its own
when I guided her, or perhaps I was guided
to count her hair with sweaty hands.
I don't think I asked promises to her eyes,
I don't think I chose silence or voice,
when the heart stunned and now no, I don't remember
if it was too much shock or too much happiness,
and my heart went crazy and now no, I don't remember,
from which horizon the light started to blur.
And in the mild magic of the grass
between long caresses on the face,
her pearl-colored thighs
remained maybe an uncaught flower .
But that I kissed her, this yes, I remember
with my heart on the lips,
but that kissed her, by God, yes I remember,
and my heart remained on her lips.
"And the soul suddenly flew away
but I would not dream with them
no you can not dream with them."
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Un malato di cuore

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