Un malato di cuore (English translation)

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A Sufferer of Heart

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I, too, started dreaming together with them,
then suddenly my soul took flight.
As a boy, spying on boys playing,
at the groggy rhythm of your ill heart,
and you start feeling like going out and trying out
what you are missing to run to the field,
and you hold back your longing, and you are left wondering
‟How the heck do they manage to catch their breath?”.
As a man, perceiving the time wasted
in having life narrated to you by your eyes,
and never being able to drink from the goblet at one gulp,
but at small, broken sips,
and never being able to drink from the goblet at one gulp,
but at small, broken sips.
Yet I did donate a smile1
– and it still comes back, in her every Summer –
when I lead her, or I was lead maybe,
to count her hair with sweating hands.
I don’t think I asked for promises to her gaze,
I don’t think I chose silence or voice,
when my heart was dazed; and now I really can’t remember
whether it was too dismayed or too happy.
And my heart went crazy; and now I really can’t remember
which horizon the light faded from.
And among the sweet sight of the grass,
among long caresses that ended on her visage,
those thighs of her that were the color of mother of pearl
were left as an unpicked flower maybe;
but kissing her, yes, I do remember doing it,
with my heart already on my lips,
but kissing her, by Christ, I do remember doing it,
and my heart was left on her lips.
And suddenly my soul took flight,
but I don’t feel like dreaming with them,
no, I’m not able to dream with them.
  • 1. Meaning “Yet there is a girl who smiled thanks to me”.
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Non al denaro non all’amore né al cielo {Neither to money, nor to love, nor to heaven} is a concept album that was inspired by Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology.
A heartsick person cannot live a full life, he has to be careful and just watch the other people living. The man in the song finally got to know about love, but it costed him his life, so even in his happiest moment he couldn’t be like the others.
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Un malato di cuore

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