Un medico (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
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A physician

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As a child I wanted to heal the cherry trees
when, with their red fruits, I thought they were injured
in my mind health had left them
with the flowers of snow that they had lost.
A dream, it was a dream but it did not last short
for this reason I swore that I would have become a physician
and not for a god, but not either as a game:
so that cherry trees could bloom again,
so that cherry trees could bloom again.
And when finally I was a physician
I didn't want to betray the boy for the man
and many came to me, and they were called "people"
sick cherry trees in every season.
And colleagues agreed, my colleagues were happy
reading in my heart me such a desire to love
they sent me the best of their customers
with the diagnosis on their face, the same for them all:
sick with hunger, unable to pay.
And then I realized, I had to figure out
that being a doctor is only a job
that science cannot be given away to the people
if you don't want to get sick of the identical evil,
if you don't want that the system starve you into submission .
And the reliable system is to starve you into submission,
in your children in your wife that already despises you,
therefore I closed in a bottle those flowers of snow,
the label said: elixir of youth .
And a judge, a judge with the face of a man
sent me to browse sunsets in prison
useless to the world and to my fingers
branded forever crook cheater,
Professor Dr. Crook Cheater.
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Un medico