Vainica Doble - Un metro cuadrado (English translation)

English translation

A square meter

A square meter
of land is a lot,
a square meter
with stone wall
all surrounded
all surrounded.
May people know
that all that is mine
and nobody dares
to get in without permission
and inside, an apple tree
or maybe a vine
To have shelter
in its shadow on summer
with a guitar
because a piano doesn't fit.
A square meter
sowed in herb
sowed in herb
and laying in it
a bit hunched,
rubbing the stone.
A book in the hands
with old cards
and golden pebbles:
Calleja tales. 1
The cuckoo is heard
Hidden in the vine
A cri cri that acompanies
Its simple song
Are brother cricket
And sister cicada
Over my head
The sky will be mine,
All the sky of my own
And being able to watch it
Without asking permission
Without asking permission
With a telescope
And under my feet
A square meter
Of my own land
Going deep to the bottom
For them to bury me
Under the weeds
With my guitar
In feet or in head
  • 1. Saturnino Calleja, Spanish writer and pedagogue
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Un metro cuadrado