Blues Trottoir - Un Soir De Pluie (English translation)

English translation

A Rainy Evening

A rainy evening
An evening of rain
and fog
Some taxis
pass without seeing me
An insomnia
that became a nightmare
I only have one desire:
not to return too late
I did not want to go out
and that evening
I had the blues
on the sidewalk
A kind of gangster
came to accost me
Play the mystery
to amaze me
There under the rain
he wants to chat
His little troubles
make me nauseous
Me, what I want
is to sleep
and this evening
I had the blues
on the sidewalk
The lively dawn
finally comes
Gray and crowded
with parisians
but me, I do not care
I'm going back home
they run everywhere
Always and again
I did not want to go out
and that evening
I had the blues
on the sidewalk
A rainy evening
My own translation
Ma propre translation
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Un Soir De Pluie

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petit élève    Tue, 18/04/2017 - 10:35

Grise et gorgée / De parisiens -> I think "grise" is meant literally here (a grey dawn), and "gorgée de Parisiens" is rather like "overflowing/overcrowded with people (from Paris)"
"The lively dawn came at last, gray and crowded with city people" or something like that

J'rejoins mon décor. -> "rejoindre" as "going back to" here ("I'm going home")

Carlooz Càzares    Tue, 18/04/2017 - 10:54

Yeah, I had a lot of issues on that part hahaha. thanks Wink smile

opulence    Sat, 22/04/2017 - 05:10

Just a suggestion: give me nausea > make me nauseous

Just makes the English sound a bit more fluent Regular smile