Una pagnotta e un sogno in tasca (English translation)

  • Artist: Latte & i Suoi Derivati
  • Song: Una pagnotta e un sogno in tasca
  • Translations: English
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A bun and a dream in my pocket

A bun and a dream in my pocket on the neverending road
I left my little town, me and my twenty years, going towards the city
I chewed so much mud and I lived so much life
I dreamt so many times what in the end I achieved
If you want to be someone in this life, if you are full of ambition
you have to fight with your claws in this world of slickers
but if you have a passion in you heart, no one can stop you
and without recommendations, you can reach your goal:
Janitor, yes, I'm a school janitor
One thing for sure, there is no better job
janitor, me, a janitor
the dream in my pocket eventually came true (dudadududadidù)
Carlo wanted to be an actor, Silvio an important entrepreneur
me, always and only that: to become a janitor
to those who asked me how I did it, I answer: believe in yourself
because few things are true and one is the saying: where there's a will there's a way
And now that I am retired and have many grandchildren
sitting by the fireplace I tell my life story,
how timely I was in ringing the bell for recess
and that time I found out who was smoking in the hallway
Come on grandpa, tell us one more story
It's late kids, time to sleep
Grandpa, we said one more story!
You never have enough! But now, all to bed! (dudadudududidà)
A bun and a dream in my pocket on the neverending road
on the road, hope, in the bun, baloney!
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Una pagnotta e un sogno in tasca

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