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And I circle

I live on stairs, up down, down up
From roof the way leads directly to the cellar
I sleep for an hour at night then I wake up again
I speak slowly but I think faster
Don't let yourself be disturbed when I always turn the light on again
And never know how late it is
I also don't want to hear what they say about me
No matter if it's good or bad
Say nothing now
Wrong or right is not important
Say nothing now
I decide what I do
And I circle
And I circle
I can change direction
Or go to the left
Stand on my head
Being psychic for a little bit
And I circle
And I circle
I could change direction
Or go crazy
I like both
You don't have to understand it
My feelings have colors and those sometimes
Don't fit my clothes at all
Then I don't stay at home, I run around this way
And practice failure one again
But I don't look to the west for hours and wait
Until the sun comes up someday over there
I like to split hairs if I know
That it's a thing which is decided in hair's breadth
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Und ich dreh

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