under the bus

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Meanings of "under the bus"


Normally used with the verb "to throw", in various conjugations, normally in the past tense as "threw under the bus".
Meaning: To blame one person for a mistake that was cause by multiple people, or sometimes that was caused by the person who is blaming.

Ex: "I can't believe that you threw me under the bus!"
Meaning: "I can't believe that you blamed me for the mistake that we both caused!"

Ex: "So tell me, did the boss throw you under the bus?"
Meaning: "Tell me, did the boss blame you for his mistake?"

The term "under the bus" is understood to be "blamed", but it can be literal. Where's the mechanic? He's changing the oil over there, under the bus.

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"under the bus" in lyrics

Wolfgang Petry - The Devil Knows

You pulled the rug right from under me
I bed over backwards for you
You throw me under the bus

Eminem - Crack A Bottle

Back with Andre the Giant, Mr. Elephant Tusk
Fix your musk, you'll be just another one bit the dust
Just one of my mother's sons who got thrown under the bus
Kiss my butt, lick fromunda cheese from under my nuts

Trinity The Tuck - I Call Shade

[Verse 1: Trinity the Tuck]
Why you gotta throw me under the bus
Every single time that I make a little fuss?

Globus - Save Me

'Cause I've made mistakes
That have hurt the ones I've loved
And I've thrown them under the bus
One too many times

ZdR - The world is mine

If someone doesn't seem reliable, tell him to push off
before he shows his dark side.
He'll throw his partners under the bus to save his own skin.
I'm rapping about what them streets taught me.

Eminem - Çatlak Bir Şişe

Fix your mugs, you'll just be another one bit the dust
Suratını belirle, sadece tozun başka bir parçası olacaksın
Just one of my mothers son who got thrown under the bus
Sadece otobüsün altında atılan benim anne oğlumun biri

Katy Perry - It Takes Two

But I can only blame myself

Yeah, it's easy to throw you under the bus
I'll call you crazy, while I'm filling my cup

SAARA - You Think

I've been doing my thing, doing my thing, living my life
You've been using my name, threw me under the bus,
But it ain't no surprise

Willie Nelson - Me and you

There's more of them than us
Just when you think you made a new friend
They throw you under the bus
So it's just me and you

Jonathan Johansson - Under the hospitals

I we heard the heart beating
Under the bus stop
And the longest night

Hamza - Wow

Package of Xanax in my hands
I've got your honey in my bathroom
Snitch n*gga ends up under the bus
Take that money from the day after

Dan Mangan - VXI

And I know if I show that I'm willing to try
To do it their way, I know what you'd say
You'd say I threw the family under the bus
As if I hoped it would crush us like I don't care