Kosmikud - Unenägu (English translation)



Olen sõnasõnalt Jõehobu!
Lõplik tões ja valmis vaimus,
tõelik tões ja aimus
Kuna mu isa oli Tori Täkk
ja ema Peipsi Näkk
Sügisel künnan laineharja,
kevadel külvan kalamarja
Mu isamaa on emajões
Pole ma lorisev meredekaru
ega lobiammuv akvaariumitobu,
kel kalalt liha ja varsalt aru
Olen hobusejõuliselt jõelik,
tühjast ei torisev
Sügisel künnan laineharja,
kevadel külvan kalamarja
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English translation

A Dream

I'm literally a Hippopotamus.
Final in truth and ready in soul,
true truth-wise and idea-wise
as my father was a Tori Stallion1
and my mother a nix from Lake Peipus.
In autumn I plough wavetops.
In spring I sow fish eggs.
My fatherland is in Emajõgi2
I am no gabbling3 sea-wolf4
or a fish-tank fool mooing for chow
whose flesh is from a fish and mind from a foal.
I am horsepowerly river-like,
I never grouse for nothing.
In autumn I plough wavetops.
In spring I sow fish eggs5.
  • 1. the only local breed
  • 2. mother+river
  • 3. lorisev sounds like lõrisev = growling-snarling
  • 4. et. sea+bear
  • 5. lit. fish-berries
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Author's comments:

Hippopotamus. hippos - horse, potamos - river

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