Mexican Folk - Unión Hidalgo II (English translation)


Unión Hidalgo II

Quiero cantarte tierra querida
yo ya me voy,
dentro mi alma llevo una rosa
de aquel amor.
Ya cuando lejos yo este de ti
de tus recuerdos no olvidare
Ranchú Gubiña, muero por ti
de tus mujeres no olvidare
Ranchú Gubiña, muero por ti
pero un día yo volveré.
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Submitter's comments:

Spanish version of the Zapotec song "Ranchú Gubiña". This version is by Trio Hermanos Cabrera.

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English translation

Unión Hidalgo II

Beloved land I want to sing to you
because I'm leaving,
within my soul I carry a rose
of that love.
When I'm far away from you
I won't forget the memories of you.
Ranchú Gubiña1, I'm dying for you
I won't forget your women,
Ranchú Gubiña, I'm dying for you
but one day I'll return.
  • 1. the old name for "Unión Hidalgo" a population located in the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in the state of Oaxaca, southeast of Mexico. The word "Gubiña" is an ancient word that has many meanings: drought, shortage, narrowness, misery, poverty, a person from Unión Hidalgo or even "palm"* (*= this is something wikipedia has mentioned but I've found nothing to back that one up., a lit. translation would be "Poor/*insert any of the words previously mentioned + ranch/town". Despite being called a "town/ranch for the poor" it was quite prosperous.
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The song in the video is the full Zapotec version of "Ranchú Gubiña" plus a short version in Spanish.

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