Unser Himmel (English translation)

  • Artist: Ewig (Jeanette Biedermann, Jörg Weißelberg, Christian Bömkes)
  • Song: Unser Himmel
English translation

Our sky

I set foot in your territory,
every stone talks about you
It was clear I have to meet you here sometime.
I also recognized you right away,
would like to run away,
after all, I'm about to forget you.
That our eyes are glazed
can not be avoided now,
a moment, a shock for both sides.
And our sky stands still,
suddenly love is a feeling
I was really scared,
my heart is broken again.
And our sky stands still,
I think I need more from us than I want.
Love can not be understood,
here and there, there is a sign.
And our sky stands still ...
I looked back at us today,
we were more than lucky
but that life goes on, that's for sure.
I have not tried to say your name for a few days, at least not that often.
I look at you, you look at me,
because it can be the last time
a short farewell from both sides.
And our sky stands still,
Love can not be understood,
here and there, there is a sign.
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Unser Himmel

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Hansi K_Lauer    Sun, 26/08/2018 - 10:24

I'd like to tell you a couple of proposals for specifications and corrections:

>"... irgendwann musst ich dich hier treffen. " = I had to meet you here sometime.
>"wär am liebsten weggerannt," = I thought about running away
>"Refrain" = eng.: "Chorus"
>"mein Herz ist wieder aufgebrochen." = "my heart opend up again" or "my heart cracked open again" (if that is understandable)
>"hier und da setzt sie ein Zeichen." = here and there it sends us a signal
>"Schau ich heut auf uns zurück," = If I look back at the two of us
>"Ich versuch seit ein paar Tagen deinen Namen nicht zu sagen," =
Since a couple of days I try to avoid saying your name