Thyrfing - Urkraft (English translation)

English translation

Primal Force

A strengthening feeling that holds the breath of life,
that survives all the whims of the Norns.
A power that wins over all enemies,
slumbers in your blood yet remains there.
Nature's creature, the beam supporting the soul,
an inkling of what went before, a legacy of our forefathers,
an abundant racing stream of strength, as old as time itself.
An immortal energy, that thrives in nature, in each living rapid and lake, in each mighty oak and massive spruce.
Stays still, breathes peacefully but strongly,
yet the spirit is awake, it sees and hears, like beautiful soul memory.
Forgotten it rests, but gives generously when you are ready to receive,
ready to rouse your spirit to live.
Its source is constant, eternal and open to all that carry it inside them.
Don't let it sleep forever!
Feel its return, like something that was missing.
You are a part of it, its source in your blood.
Know your heritage, feel how the soul of the North courses in your veins.
We are few who remember the primal force,
the eternal strength of the flame that never dies down.
The world is covered in darkness but the North Star leads us to the fight on Vigrid's plane.
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Norns are three gods of destiny in Norse mythology, link to English Wikipedia:

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I translated it into German, but now I noticed, that I had a few mistakes in my translation.