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US Boy (English translation)

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US Boy

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Imagine yourself in a « high school prom » situation
The quarterback would take me dancing and the queen would tell us « shhht »
A setting as in Desperate Housewives please
I would live there just to hire him as my gardener
(He has) A spot of Lost Sawyer’s bad boy
(He has) The beauty of Nate in Gossip Girl
(He has) the singer-dancer’s side of Ju-ju-justin
(He has) A humor as in Friends and Fringe’s mystery
US Boy are the French girls’ dream
We want a American boyfriend forever
US Boy, U-US Boy, US Love, U-US Love
One "baby" and I reach happiness
I want my American boyfriend forever
US Boy, U-US Boy, US Love, U-US Love
His accent makes me crazy, I love to listen him talking
For all the girls, he is the idol, the hottest guy of the area
To seduce him, I’d teach him French
Even though this ideal only exists in my mind
(He has) A spot of Ashton Kutcher’s charm
(He has) Barney’s craziness in How I Met Your Mother
(He has) Edward’s romantic side in Twilight
(He has) Eminem’s talent and Brian McKnight’s voice
A French kiss under California’s stars
Or a US kiss, the last one before I fly back to Paris (yeah, yeah)
US Boy (x8)
Submitted by cheunecheune on 2023-02-24

US Boy

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