On Uvidel Solnce (Он увидел Солнце) (English translation)

English translation

He has seen the Sun

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Slow-motion shock, ditches with water
Concrete walls, damp soil
Iron windows, electric light
Mouldy sound, scorching asphalt
And the world was wonderful like a snivel on a wall
And a city was good like a cross on a back
And the day was happy like a blind gut
And he has seen the Sun
Plastic smoke, burned stench
Barbed wire stretches into the distance
Scraps of rubber, wheel and slag
Blind trenches, dry grass
Patrol towers, glass splinters
Bricky ranks, crematorium smokes
Tin cans, scraps of paper
Machine gun, uniform and gas mask.
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On Uvidel Solnce (Он увидел Солнце)