Porta - Vacío (English translation)

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I know you've lost yourself in the darkness that you carry on the inside
You search for yourself, you don't find yourself, you don't know how anymore
The hard part is wanting to, sometimes I feel like you distance yourself
I'll try to help you even though you're your own prisoner
Don't be scared, I'll sit by your side in this cave
My shoulder will be able to endure what your soul can't alone
I don't need to understand you, you don't have to blame yourself,
Now you've got to be strong, just let me help you
Don't run away even though you might feel like there's nothing...
This void won't be filled until you have the will
I know that none of this is fair and it makes no sense
You think you've got nothing left? Yeah, it has to be with you
I get it, I understand that oh so sincere silence and there's no rush
I'll wait for you even though I'm longing for your smile
It's a wound so deep that you have to hide it
And you try your best so that nobody else will notice
If I could I'd bring you close to the stars, every night
So that you'd talk with them and you'd get past this rough patch
If you're broken, I'll try to fix you, I'm not gonna tire out
Even though time may pass so slow, try to relax
One day you lose, another day you win, life give and it takes
Even though days might repeat, they come to an end like fame,
So love yourself before laying down in bed
Life is a drama, scream or cry if you need to
And tell me now, do you think there's no reason to keep going here?
Smile, 'cause there so much more to live
Don't forget you've got that someone who wants you next to them
It was you who taught me that I don't have to give up.
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