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He experienced Valparaíso, his heart burdened with a heavy secret.
The world was a brazier Valparaíso pulled him out of.
So many lights and colors and so many ruined beauties
shifted the weights his heart could no longer lift.
On Valparaíso heights, on a clear day,
she watched the cranes loading the hungry bellies of the ships.
She watched life go by or catalogued the colors.
Never disappointed, never jaded, her heat laden like a tanker.
In the Cinzano restaurant where they had agreed to meet,
an old lady sang "Solo tu" while mending her sweater.
There he chatted about anything but the important thing, of course.
Seeing each other was what mattered, and listening to "Solo tu"
"Solo tu"1
He didn't know she knew, and he had little choice but not trying
to confide what he forgot about when he was with her.
One day, just to do like everyone, he talked about love, but too early.
She said "I know your secret" and he went away without a word.
Oh, Valparaíso is so beautiful with its colors, his dilapidations,
this labyrinth where the wind wanders, the woman singing at the Cinzano.
A secret, the city will take it and keep it under its cloak,
and those who uncover it do the same, in Valparaíso.
  • 1. "only you"
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Mmm... I don't really get this rather convoluted French. Maybe an allusion to some novel I never read or something?

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