Vanilla Muffins - Viva el Fulham


Viva el Fulham

I took a language course a few years ago
learning English would be so cool
but at the host family was a Spanish girl
that was the end of going to the school.
She's a Flamenco girl
and dancing is her life
she said stay with me,
said 'Viva el Fulham'.
Every day at five o'clock in the afternoon
I was waiting in the Latino Bar
I knew my English won't improve
so I bought a spanish book and a german car.
The tube costs mucho,
we can walk cause we're sportivo.
Let's go eating Hamburguesa in a cantina
"Do you want a pint of cerveza" I still hear her voice
now she's at home - I have to work, but I am bored.
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