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Va(R)nitas, Vanitas... (...Omnia Vanitas) (English translation)

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Va(R)nitas, Vanitas... (...Omnia Vanitas)

Bones burn at 760°C and therefore is everthing already told.
Come, let us play "king and queen", you have then 3 tries to guess which one of the two I am !
But all this is fundamentally futile, we'll (all) fall back to dust and thus... Ah !... we're (all) the same !
Nevertheless I must avow that the vision heavily weights on me till I cry, the things we cling to, we let them go of them/give them back most reluctantly.
Oh, everything is transitory and exists only for a short time, but what makes us most afraid is mostly plain self-pride.
What others think of us is volatile like farting in the wind.
Let them think what they want, there are things that do really matter !
Come, close your eyes and tell from within : what can you see ?
Look with an open heart (and) monstrousness itself becomes wonderful...
Beauty comes from...
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Mustafa Gouzou

Submitted by Mustafa GouzouMustafa Gouzou on Thu, 01/10/2020 - 13:13
Author's comments:

Context :

Author's overall thematic :
A "feeling-suffering of being trapped" in a body which will ultimately return to dust.
TRANSGENDER in this sensitivity : this being rendered by shifts between female and male voice tonalities or/and by his/her "look"; lyrics of the "Feralia Genitalia" song are explicit about it.
Transcend, "burn" matter ("Brenne und werde zu Licht !"), hence duality like feminine/masculine, ... ; lonelyness suffering can only happen in duality, not in unitity (Licht).

"... raten, wer von beiden ich dann bin!" = to guess which one of the two I am; the queen or the king ?

"...Schaust du mit off'nem Herzen" = look with open heart ("One can only really see with the heart, the Essence is invisible for the eyes."; the fox's Secret in "The Little Prince" of St Exupéry)

Such' geschwind ! = search, look inside !
"... sag' geschwind..." , geschwind = quickly, from within
"...garst'ge Monster..." : garstige = wicked, Monster = monsters, monstrousness

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Va(R)nitas, Vanitas... (...Omnia Vanitas)

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