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Now the sun is shining in the Svea hillside
It's spring now, I can truly feel it
It sings so heavily around all valleys
And the southern wind comes and makes me sel*
When summer comes, it'll be pretty up in the mountains
I'll go there then and listen to the stream sing
And climb to the top of the steepest mountains
I feel the smell of grass 'round all heaps
And the sun is shining, and the bells are chiming
And the ponds are lying blank where I'm going to bathe
With surrounding rocks, so I can sunbathe safely
Oh, how delicate the moment is
When the sun is shining down from white heights**
Then i know that spring's not far away
I'll have to live like this for another summer.
Then I know that the stream is waiting
Cold as ice, such a cool drink
When autumn comes and the sistkveldskløva*** has been picked up
Then I'll thank for the summer I got
Submitted by odnoitozhe on Wed, 06/06/2012 - 18:55
Added in reply to request by TrampGuy
Author's comments:

This poem was written towards the end of World War II, and it is said that "spring" in the text is a metaphor for the liberation of Norway and is thus a tribute to peace. The poem is written in dialect, Surnadal dialect to be more precise. Considering that I'm not from Surnadal and that their dialect sounds like complete gibberish to outsiders (outsiders being everyone else), I think I did a decent job. Feel free to improve or correct my translation if you find anything.



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TrampGuy    Wed, 06/06/2012 - 20:52

Thanks odnoitozhe! I think you did an awesome job Regular smile I don't think I could rate it though, as I'm uncertain myself regarding several things. Btw, did you miss the 2nd verse last line intentionally?

Maybe Gjendine could help on this one, she's a masterful translator and appears to be fluent in all dialects.