Vê se fica bem (English translation)

English translation

Please, be good

Everyone wants to find someone to love
It is usually that way in this world
You like me for real
But you never take any step further
Just to not reveal our secret affair
I see many couples
Hanging aroung by the streets, holding hands
And our friends tell me to be patient
They say that your last romance was no good
And that you're just taking it out on me
I'm suffering with the illusion you make me feel
My heart always breakes into pieces
Every time you present me to the others as just a friend of yours
Please, be good, honey
Take a good sleep, honey
Because I won't be there to take good care
Or be pampering you
Please, be good, honey
Make sure you'll eat properly
Because I won't be there to take good care
Or save you
You don't wanna get over your past
Fearing to give yourself once again
But patience is not being enough to me at all
I know life can and should give me
Someone to be mine without reservations
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Author's comments:

Assumir also can be "to provide for someone, to build a home, to marry etc"


Vê se fica bem

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