Vedi, Maria (English translation)

English translation

See, Maria

Between the branches
Dawn just hit my face
And anger shows me yours
Frozen in an arid winter
Silence, birds of horror!
I scream with no tongue....
Silence, love destroys me,
And my sun has lost its way
But I have no wish to wage war...
See, Maria
See, Maria
I'm hurting, even in winter
And I would like to stop
The chariot of stars!
Oh Madonna!
Jealousy is holding me prisoner
And I see without eyes
This song hurts me no more
And I run, barefoot, among th brambles
I wait, and cannot find peace
Oh how I wish I could perish, I often shout
But I can neither live with
Nor live without such a gentle ghost...
What is this, if not love?
What is this, if not love?
See, Maria...
See, Maria...
Madonna, come save me...
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I did not translate this, the following is the translation given in 1997's 'Carmine Meo' booklet. I've linked in the source a page I've created specifically for the booklet, it contains images of the booklet, where I obtained them from and credits.

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Vedi, Maria

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