Flëur - Velikoe nichto (Великое Ничто) (English translation)

English translation

Great Nothing

Since twilight has come her
You have fallen asleep so peacefully
And gone in the land of your dreams
But my road hasn't been built
I couldn't fall asleep
All night I looked out of my window
Cold wind has started to blow
And has brought many things to emptiness
Powerless fallen asleep bodies
It has broken the world, has taken to pieces
Has scattered and thrown
And wind has done everything it had wanted
Cold wind deletes everything
It has brought all our world to emptiness
Neither darkness nor light is guilty
But will be able the sun raise up if there isn't heaven?
It would be better if I haven't knew it
And gone to bed,
And become the emptiness
How can I accept
That I have stranded alone
Flying in the Great Nothing
I close my eyes
Then open my eyes
And can't see difference
It's hard to really start to believe in it
But I'm afraid of asking the question
And of knowing the answer
The cold wind used to be my dream
But now I feel sorry for it
I wish the world would be in any way
I'm afraid of falling asleep in the Great Nothing
Suddenly it got so dark
And my window appeared
And warm wind started to blow into it
Near to me appeared your bed
You kept on sleeping
I sit down on a chair
Everything got so fresh
Ans it seemed that the world hadn't changed
The beauty filled it
Everything started to bloom and smell
And the thing that had been broken into pieces became the one thing
And everything fell on the place
All our world had been brought to the emptiness
But warm wind changed evrything
If you want create something you have to burn it to ash
You have if you want create a life
Cold wind deletes everything
And warm wind create it afresh
It's the way the world is
One wind started to blow then another
And between them always is the Nothing
In the Great Nothing is darkness and emptiness
Ah, warm wind I wish you blow soon
Ah, warm wind I wish you scatter the Nothing
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Velikoe nichto (Великое Ничто)

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