Vellezërit (English translation)



Minator ti je o vella
Lart ne nje qyteze
Kurse une piktor, e sot hedh
Midis jush nje portret
Miremengjes i them diellit-o
Dhe kantiereve
Me mall ti del me prêt
Ne mes shokeve punetore
Largesin s’e ndjejme
se zemrat ne na afrojne
- Refreni
Para nesh hapet rruge e re
Qe cdo dite lulezon
Dashuria ne gjokse na vlon
Shoket kemi vellezer
ne cdo skaj ku punojme
edhe ndjejme gezimin ne jete
Ndrijne syte tane dhe zemrat urojne
o per lumturine qe sjell endrra jone
dashuria jone nuk njeh largesi
brezave qe vijne si lule e celur rri
- Repeat
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The brothers

You’re a miner my brother
Up in a mountainous town
While me a painter, and I'm here to take
A portrait among you.
Good morning, I greet the sun
And the work-sites.
You come and give me a hearty welcome
Among the worker friends.
We do not feel the distance
For our hearts keep us close.
- Refrain
Ahead of us new way opens
It blooms every day
Love boils in the chests.
Our friends are our brothers
Wherever we happen to work
We do feel the joy in this life
Our eyes are smiling and the hearts wish
For the happiness that our dreams bring.
Our brotherly love knows no distance
It stands a flower for the generations to come.
- Repeat
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