Verð Mín (English translation)

English translation

Be mine

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The beautiful night is glowing ashes
In a mass of stars the world awakes
Naked I stand
Alone on this spot
A man so fine but so timid
Warily approaches, watches
His hair as dark as seaweed,
his skin as fair as chrystalline stone
Be mine, be mine
Be mine, my world
You back away
Frightened, longing for bliss
Seduced I follow you
Stay with me
Sea and sky intertwine at the brims
Aroused your hands shiver
I enter your space
Feel who I am
Be mine, be mine
Be mine, my world
Locked the chest, hid the key
Sanctified it against sorcery
The man is now my sea
The night is no more
Spellbound he embraces me
I become his talisman
Everyone has left
And I am alone
My world, my world
My world, be mine
My skin, my capsule
I do not miss it
My skin, my capsule
I will never forget it
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Not my translation. I got it from the video description.


Verð Mín

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