Burak Kut - Ver Allah (English translation)

English translation

Give it Allah (God)

The most beautiful of of the beauties
Also the most special
They can't pour water over your hand (okay okay)
An attraction, an elegance
A stature, a politeness
Talent on 10 fingers (okay okay)
Who's daughter? What is she?
Is she interested in love?
The princess of hearts
Years past and I'm tired of chasing you
(Nice nice very nice)
Asking everyone "With who, where, what's she doing",
(Nice nice, nice nice, very nice)
Love (me), I've waited enough, come
Nothing will happen, come come
Let's give an end to luck and give a path to love
Give it Allah (God)
Look understand from my state
I don't want anything other than you
I'm thirsty for love, please give it Allah (God)
With the sins and the rewards
Submitted by Buket01 on Sat, 05/04/2014 - 15:20
Added in reply to request by Lillita
Author's comments:

They can't pour water over your hands - they can't be better than you
Talent on ten fingers - she has many talents/skills to list on ten of her fingers

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