Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Vesperae Solennes de Confessore-Dixit Dominus (English translation)


Vesperae Solennes de Confessore-Dixit Dominus

Dixit Dominus Domino meo
Sede, sede a dextris meis
Donec ponam inimicos tuos scabellum pedum tuorum
Virgam virtutis tuae emittet Dominus ex Sion
Dominare in medio inimicorum tuorum
Tecum principium in die virtutis tuae
In splendoribus sanctorum ex utero
Ante luciferum genuite
Juravit Dominus
Et non poenitebit eum
Tu es sacerdos in aeternum
Secundum ordinem Melchisedech
Dominus a dextris tuis, a dextris tuis
Confregit in die irae suae reges
In die irae suae reges
Judicabit in nationibus
Implebit ruinas
Conquassabit capita in terra multorum
In terra multorum
De torrente in via bibet,
In via bibet
Propterea exaltabit caput.
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English translation

Solemn Vespers for the Feast of a Confessor

The Lord said to my Lord;
Sit at my right hand,
Until I place your enemies as a footstool for your feet.
The rod of your power, the Lord will send forth from Zion: rule
In the midst of your enemies.
Sovereignty is with you on the day of your strength,
In the spendor of the Holy Ones:
Out of the womb before the light
I begot you.
The Lord has sworn,
And will not repent of it:
You are priest forever
According to the order of Melchisedech.
The Lord at your right hand
Crushes kings in the day of His wrath.
In the day of His wrath.
He will pass judgment on the nations;
He will pile up calamities,
And shatter heads in many lands.
In many lands.
He will drink from the rushing stream on the way;
On they way
Therefore He shall lift up His head.
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