Julio Iglesias - Vete ya (English translation)

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Go now

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Go now
Little unblossomed flower that tastes like the sea
Go now
Now that you've learnt how to fly by yourself
Go now
Path to another shore and to another freedom
Go now
And leave me quietly with my loneliness
Go now
Now that blame can't hurt us
Go now
And take away with you the night I met you
Without a word
Because what use is there for words when love is gone?
Go now
And don't pity me since I will know how to forget
What will become of you?
In whose arms, little one, will you feel alive?
What will become of me?
What will become of my life without you?
I know you will find
Love just like mine but within your age range
And I know that you will forget
My mature love with another unblossomed love
Who will make you forget
The nights when passion burned your skin?
Who will erase for you
The prints that where left in your soul by my love?
Who will make love to you
While walking the paths
I walked yesterday?
Who will have pleasure
While feeling you on their body every night?
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Vete ya

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