Indica - Viimeinen jyvä (English translation)

English translation

The last grain

I want to hit my knuckles against the wall
Always, always, nothing but fighting
Why can't you give up already
I will forgive you
Just say; don't worry, it's alright to shout, alright to shout
But don't let go of your hopes
Keep even the last grain
We can raise a garden with it
Don't let your head go down
Because the one who has wandered across the dark
Doesn't need a place to hide
You do know
How you can make me go ash white with anger
Won't you be the one I asked for
Why are you always changing like a morning to a day and an evening to the end of the world
You want to leave me behind the door
To change the locks, but you can't
Because you promised to always carry on
That's why you can't
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Viimeinen jyvä

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