Ants Eskola - Viljandi paadimees (English translation)


Viljandi paadimees

Käe ulatab noor paadimees
nii lahkelt neiule,
kes aralt seisab tema ees,
et sõita üle vee.
Kui neiu paadis, algab sõit,
täis õnne kõik maailm.
Ja neiu palgeil punab koit
ning rõõmust särab silm.
Ah, silmad, need silmad
ei iial unune.
Need sinised silmad*
mul võitsid südame.
Ta kaela neiu langeb siis
ja kingib suudluse.
Silm särab rõõmupisarais,
arm tungib südame.
Hulk aastaid läind, ja Viljandis
järv ikka kohiseb.
Hall paadimees veel ikkagi
neid silmi igatseb.
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*Laulu mõnes versioonis: "Need ilusad sinised silmad".

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English translation

Boatman of Viljandi

Young boatman extends his hand
so kindly to a maiden
who is standing in front of him so shyly
to get over the water.
When the maiden's in the boat, the ride begins,
all the world is full of happiness.
And on the maiden's face, the dawn is red
and her eyes shine with joy.
Oh, eyes, those eyes
will never be forgotten.
Those [beautiful]1 blue eyes
conquered my heart.
Then she embraces him
and gifts a kiss.
Eyes shining with tears of joy,
love invades their hearts.
Many years have passed and in Viljandi
the lake still swooshes.
this gray boatman is still
yearning for those eyes.
  • 1. in some versions this word is added
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Author's comments:

Viljandi is a town in South Estonia by lake Viljandi. Viljandi Folk Festival takes place there every summer.
Historically it was one of the richest areas, I think.

This song is quite classic but it might just seem to me to be so...

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