Hold Hands - Vinden vänder (English translation)

English translation

The tide is turning

I don’t get at all why I am to be held responsible
just because I say what I want.
But then I ask myself why I don’t get it.
Give me a few minutes and I will tell you.
Because I thought that God was there and saved me,
but I got it quickly all at once.
That everything is one big drabness,
don’t fucking bother asking me again.
I can’t explain why I have to waste my time on you,
you don’t give a damn about me.
But then you ask yourself why you can’t understand.
A few seconds is enough,
I will explain everything to you.
Because you apparently think that God is there,
he will save you.
Please, just get it all at once.
That everything is a big façade
for them to do what they want.
Please, just get it all at once.
The tide is turning, I piss on the world in headwind.
Submitted by Coedwig on Mon, 05/01/2015 - 12:03
Author's comments:

Vinden vänder = literally ’the wind is turning’

Jag pissar på världen i motvind = this literally means ’I piss on the world in headwind (against the wind)’, the ’headwind’ part is a metaphor for ’fighting an uphill battle’ i.e. fighting with bad odds.


Vinden vänder

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