Triakel - Visa Från Raukasjö (English translation)

English translation

Ditty From Raukasjö

Good evening lass, little friend,
disturb your peace I must.
And once again bother you,
I come to speak of lust.
I believe you've yet to contemplate,
unless you wish a slumberous fate,
to get to speak with someone here
that holds you cordially dear.
Are you not my little friend,
we loved without a strife.
You'll never leave my lovestruck mind,
as long as there is life.
Each time I think upon thee,
blood is stirred up inside me.
Each time thine eyes I see
my heart too smiles upon thee.
Now I'll make sure to ask again,
my little dear speck.
Do you think of another lad,
the way I think of you?
A lad you've promised your whole heart,
a lad you've promised all your faith.
A lad you've thought shall be your friend
and allowed him your hand.
Is it not so, then tell the truth,
that you hold me close.
And give to me then your right hand,
lest that my heart froze.
You've captivated my heart so well,
that I never on regrets would dwell,
and heal so my heart again,
to ever be your friend.
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Visa Från Raukasjö