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  • Björn Afzelius

    Visa i vargtimmen → English translation

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Song in the hour of the wolf

Sleep, little child.
Everything is fine.
I am here next to you,
My darling.
The hour of the wolf comes
but the stars give
their twinkling watch
on heaven tonight.
I sit and see
your innocence and pray
for the life that is in front of you.
My darling friend,
you don't yet know
but one day you will get your answer.
One day you will get your answer.
The world is such
that few care about
what you have to give it,
my darling.
The adults control
decides your role
where your task is
to blindly play along.
There freedom is
to bow and smile
and dance when the power decides.
They taught it to me,
they taught it even to you.
God givith that you stand against!
that you also stand against.
The law of nature is
the night becomes day.
The stars fade,
my darling.
The time goes,
one day you are gray.
but first turn out
in an blossoming vestment.
Here is your life!
Welcome here!
Do what you feel is right!
If you ask me,
so I will answer you.
But don't believe everything you hear.
Don't believe everything you hear.
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Visa i vargtimmen

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