Bosse - Vive la danse (English translation)

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Viva la danse

[Verse 01:]
On her ankle is written "Viva la Danse"
It is like birds when the winter comes
The sun behind, always on the go
She looks and I fall
Wherever she lives she is never at home
Little purple suitcase, she never unloads
The Queen of the Night in Neon Light
Cheeseburger remains in the face
Oh Viva la Danse
Viva la Danse
Give me the very last dance
Give me the very last kiss
And fly with me
Viva la Danse [x2]
[Verse 02]
She twists heads until necks breaks
Her eyes are machetes, her body can speak
All these bars are scary spilunkers
She empties every glass in seconds
Three tons of makeup, light red hair
Never wake up in the morning where she was yesterday
Busts out, street, Hollywood dreams
pole dance, thick pensioners bellies
[Verse 03]
Resting place morning, egg with bacon
Viva la Danse wants to go away again
Say, I've already forgotten you
Push her fag into my food
Her fire-red hair smell of smoke
The morning sun is on fire, and the liquor is also burning
Goodbye La Danse, take care of yourself, take care of yourself!
Viva La danse, la danse, la danse
Viva la danse[x2]
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Vive la danse

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