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I'm living

I'm living
me with you, I'm living again
a life's purpose
you are for me
my point of arrival
I'm living
the music sings within me
and there's no darkness anymore
I'm with you
and everything turns to colors
And you'll give me
meadows of stars
and you'll tell me
new words
words about love
and you won't make me
suffer again
I'm living
for the things I owe you
I'm living
you're special
there's no one else like you
you're in my destiny
I'll walk
by your side
and the rain will fall over us
along the wind
far away from the world
we'll be united
I'll wake up
with your smile
And I'm living
me with you, I'm living again
I'm by your side
with you I'll be safe
that way I could never die
because in your arms
I'm living
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