Mozart l’Opéra Rock (Musical) - Vivre à en crever (English translation)

English translation

Living enough to die

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We leave
Without knowing
Where memories die
Our lives go by with so much as a sigh
Our tears
Don't mean anything anymore
But we still hang on along our desires
That yesterday still
We couldn't stop cursing
If we have to die
Better live enough to die
Restrain everything to burn everything
If we have to die
On our graves, I want to carve
The our laughs
Death and time
We hold
We embrace
Life as a mistress
We don't care if we burn it all for a caress
She'll offer herself
She won't have any other choice
We'll see each other again, we'll see each other again
Where nothing is anything anymore
We'll understand where we come from
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Vivre à en crever