Voda i plamen (English translation)

  • Artist: Osvajači (Освајачи)
  • Song: Voda i plamen 2 translations
  • Translations: English, Greek
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Voda i plamen

Kažu da u životu mogu sve sto poželim
A meni želja jedina,sve što imama s tobom ja da podelim
Mogu li da sanjam bar
Da jutrom snenoj dah ti udišem
Da mi bude s neba dar
Da svaku noć na tebe mirišem
A mogu li voda i plamen
Sve je to laži gomila
Ko zimi led kad razbije kamen
Meni si srce slomila.
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Water and flame

They say that I can do anything I want in life
But I have only one wish, to share with you everything I have
Can I at least dream
To breath in your breath on dreamy mornings
For it to be my gift from the heavens
To smell of you every night
But can water and flames [be together]
All of that's a pile of lies
Like when ice breaks stone in winter
You broke my heart
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