Vojnička pesma (English translation)


Vojnička pesma

Majka place, ocu suze liju
svog jedinca prate u armiju
ded se stari na baku naslanja
krajem od sesira on suze zaklanja
Ref. 2x
Zbogom, sine, zbogom, rode
zuri da ti voz ne ode
putuj, sreco, i pazi na sebe
mislicemo svi na tebe
Stric i ujak digli case svoje
nas vojnice tepaju oboje
a tetke se izdvojile same
suze brisu krajem od marame
Ref. 2x
Kraj kapije lepa cura stoji
jos ne place, a minute broji
zaplakace kad voz bude kren'o
izdrzati nece srce njeno
Ref. 2x
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English translation

War song

Mother's crying, father's tears are pouring
Farewelling their only child to the army
Grandpa leaning on grandma
Hiding his tears with the edge of his hat
With God, son, with God, kin
Rush so you don't miss your train
Travel, dear, and take care of yourself
We'll all think of you
Uncles have lifted their glasses
'Our soldier' they both say
Aunties have moved to stand alone
Wiping their tears with the edge of their scarves
By the end of the gate, a beautiful girl stands
She's not crying yet, but she's counting the minutes
She'll cry when the train leaves
Her heart won't be able to handle it
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