Возвращение (Vozvraschenie) (English translation)

  • Artist: Flëur
  • Song: Возвращение (Vozvraschenie)
English translationEnglish

A Return

An arrow once shot in the target will come back
And deadly wound will be healed without any traces left
And deer that fell asleep in a tall grass will wake up
Stand up silently and slide into a foggy distance
Lines will appear again on an decayed paper
And the lost meaning will return and words will show up
And where storms were breaking trees without mercy
There will be new leaves on dry branches
A wonderful ornament will be uncovered under a layer of rust
It will glitter turquoise and gold from dirty gaps
A whirlwind of fallen petals will form
And return them back to the blooming tree
Once a silence will turn into a joyful lines
And a blind old man will rise his eyes to the sun
And take his glasses away and smile
And sand will go up inside of the hourglass.
On granite slabs, beyond the pearl distance
You will meet me while wearing your old cloak
And an unchangeable order of things will be broken
Just because of us
And marks of the ages will be erased from the marble statues
Dreams that died in a severe frost will melt
And frozen birds will fly above the spring rainbow
And melted wax will become a candle again.
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Amazing song.

Возвращение (Vozvraschenie)

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