Heidevolk - Vrijgevochten (English translation)

English translation


I can remember an old time
Of the origin of the Batavi
When a tribe branched (off)
And my people began their journey
I feel the pride
When I behold my country
Until in eternity
Connected to my ground
Once, I was loyal to the emperor
And I fought in his name
But the wrath of Germania
I always carried in my heart
The lust for liberty filled me
And I cast off my mask
Fierce tribes along the Rhine
Went to war with the empire
Over the seas
And across our land
There ruled the emperors
With iron fist
We sought peace
And served the emperor
But chose war
And liberated ourselves
Submitted by obstakel on Sun, 23/09/2012 - 19:10
Author's comments:

* 'Vrijgevochten' literally means 'fought free', which can translate to 'spirited' or 'liberated'.



ThomasBellic    Sun, 04/01/2015 - 23:36

I believe, that it is, “En begon, mijn volk _zijn_ tocht,” forwhy [because] “volk” is singular, and I can _not_ hear “haar” at all.

obstakel    Sun, 25/01/2015 - 21:24

You are completely right, I missed that. Fixing!