Vuelos (English translation)

  • Artist: Bersuit Vergarabat
  • Song: Vuelos 2 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2
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You are looking at me and I'm about to fall,
hanging from your head,
you are looking at me and I'm about to fall.
You can't see me but now I'm going,
to look for your prison,
of keys that only can lock up.
You can't see me but now I'm going to find your prison.
And the mist always bounces here,
foam of fear,
old blackout,
and the mist always bounces here.
I will only come back,
you will always see me,
and the day I return,
from this eternal flight,
You will see in me,
always through me,
only a dreadful landscape like this.
And the nylon spread,
it's wings for me...
and now it only sees wind,
and the nylon spread,
it's wings in me.
Your face fades away,
it's becoming gray,
you will be a single stone...
You part with me,
I stay inside you...
Now my eyes are mud,
in the flood,
which grows, decreases,
appears, and banishes,
and my eyes are mud,
in the flood.
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