Reik - Vuelve (English translation)

English translation

Come back

I'm still searching for the reason why
You went away from this place
Leaving behind an abyss between you and me
I haven't been able to forget you
I don't know if the same
Is happening to you
My whole life changed
I need your love
I feel like I'm going insane
And today I have cried for you again
Because without you, I can't learn to live
Come back
I want to feel myself inside your arms
I want to kiss your lips
I want to stay by your side forever
Come back
You know that I need you
The waiting is cruel and it hurts me
Come back
Fill my life with love
How can I get this love, that has now
Turned into pain, out of me?
Maybe it would be better to forget you
But I can't deceive my heart
It's waiting for you
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